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How I Fell in Love With Reading, Thanks to My Badass Grandfather

I have a personal essay up this week on Three Guys, One Book about how and when I fell in love—with reading. My essay focuses on who provided me with the books: my late grandpa, who died when I was 8, of esophageal cancer. He was only 52. Even though I didn’t get to spend more than those 8 years with him, he guided and influenced my life so much, most notably because he would bring me books with torn-off covers that he rescued from being pulverized or incinerated at a publishing company in Milwaukee.

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On Identity and the Appropriation of Poverty

I have my first personal essay for Lunch Ticket up on the blog now! You can read it here. It’s about food justice and access, and I wrote it as a menu of sorts to describe my history eating and exploring food, from living on a one-parent income on the south side of Milwaukee to working for an organic family farm in rural Wisconsin.

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