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A Utah Adventure

In November 2018, I found out I have a little sister in Salt Lake City, a daughter of the same biological father neither of us has ever met. My dear friend Audre, known for her ability to evoke and portray genuine, gorgeous human emotion in her work, offered to take some photos of my new little sister and me. This piece is honest, raw, and—we hope—impactful. I grappled with a lot of emotions in this writing process, both my feelings and trying to be as cognizant as possible of others’ security and comfort. What follows in this blog post is our first photo essay collaboration: audre rae photography x E.P. Floyd.

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How I Fell in Love With Reading, Thanks to My Badass Grandfather

I have a personal essay up this week on Three Guys, One Book about how and when I fell in love—with reading. My essay focuses on who provided me with the books: my late grandpa, who died when I was 8, of esophageal cancer. He was only 52. Even though I didn’t get to spend more than those 8 years with him, he guided and influenced my life so much, most notably because he would bring me books with torn-off covers that he rescued from being pulverized or incinerated at a publishing company in Milwaukee.

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